Bratty Lucy's T-girl Doll Miran PART 3

2,365 5.0

Mistress Lucy Khan

American / Los Angeles
2,365 5.0
18:09 min - Apr 12 - .M4V - 666.16 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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cman90 Jun 27 2017
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Amazing. The world needs more videos like this one.

In the finale of this 3-part age play saga of bratty little Lucy Khan, she decides to penetrate her perfectly built T-girl Miran Doll with a real dong. Strapping on her favorite black cock, she ties down her helpless blond living doll with pretty pink bondage tape before caning her feet while her nipples are still tightly clasped in beaded nipple clamps. With Miran's obedience assured, Lucy begins to explore her doll's holes from top to bottom until she's satisfied that dolly is completely submissive to her demands--no matter how perverse they may be! Teasing and tormenting her newest toy, Lucy makes her little T-girl slave stretch and gape as she violates her mouth with her perfectly proportioned strap on dong, making her take it balls deep. Finally untying her helpless doll, Lucy fucks her perfectly puckered ass as she coaxes Miran Doll to perform her final, and most climactic trick