Please Don't Report the Bug

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Wow, this video left me in awe. Throughout Manyvids, you encounter a lot of videos with I like to call - extending from other outlets - the "silent protagonist." By this I mean that the model - who is always incredibly seductive, there's no question about that - is seducing a person and then proceeds to engage in whatever sexual act is being illustrated in that particular video; although these videos are themselves alright and very sexy, it sort of leaves a bit to be desired in terms of dialogue. This video does that really well -instead of just being your typical solo masturbation video wherein the model talks about how hot she feels and stuff and how you probably feel about what she's doing - in this video Desiree engages with a person behind the camera who actually engages in some form of dialogue with her that increase the sexiness of the video by a lot. Personally, typical JOI videos - although being hot - don't really make me feel as if I'm there; this video, however, really makes you feel as if you're there in that office edging each other off. You feel as if you're in a Skype call with her, telling her what to do/punishing her as the premise of the video revolves around that. That's just the tip of the iceberg though - her outfit is out of this world. Not only does she have the "hot nerd" aesthetic going on, she makes it even hotter by appealing to foot fetishists by wearing some very hot sandals that you can sort of look at in the start of the video. As mentioned in a previous video, her fingernail colors do draw a lot of attention and are a very welcome difference to the typical french tip/black fingernails that you see in other videos throughout Manyvids (though there's nothing wrong with that, but it certainly helps to break from the generality). If you've ever had one of those "hot nerdy" or just "nerdy" girls in your life that really get your blood moving, then this video is for you as it feels as if you're actualizing some type of fantasy. This is a lengthy review, but an amazing video deserves as much - I look forward to future videos that engage the viewer in such a way as this. I think the trope of the "sexy nerd girl" is definitely one Desiree fills seductively and hope she produces more of these in the future as they are always instant buys. I would suggest you check out the informal Part 2 of this video, which she links in the description, as well as the blowjob video she has (in two formats, the landscape and vertical views). Honestly, she's gorgeous.

Dan_gb Apr 15
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A sexy nerd making herself cum on her work desk, while a coworker watches everything... This. Is. Hot!

I'm on my way out the door for the weekend when my coworker stops me to ask me about a bug in our software. When he realizes I was responsible for introducing the bug, he insists he needs to report it. I'm up for review next week and really can't use another strike against me. I'll do whatever I have to do to keep this quiet... even cum right here on this desk. See what happens next: