Twerk on Balcony in Public

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American / Georgia
179 5.0
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Rizzaricki Aug 29 2017

What a great booty twerking, has me wanting to join in

TaylerTexas Oct 15 2017

How do you know if you haven't purchased the video? ;)

JAHMON - Top reviewer Apr 15 2017
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OMFG Tayler!!!!...... Twerkin skills getting better and better! Looking amazing as usual,another "MUST HAVE" Tayler Texas classic! I pride myself on having great stamina. I damn near lost it half way thru the vid when she twerked her cheeks left to right. Right to left,PERFECTLY on beat!!! Ri(DICK)ulous. So Fuckin Sexxxy! I'm lovin these! Please keep em cummin....

TaylerTexas Oct 15 2017

You're too sweet! Thank you!

Watch me twerk on my balcony OUTSIDE where anybody can walk by and see me shaking my sweet ass to this rap song! Can you keep up? SIDE NOTE: some static noise here and there just from being outside
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