Freebie Tuesday

Asian Bunny Girl



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Kianna Bradley was taking a break in one of the rooms of the mansion when she discovered an uninvited guest perving out and jerking off. Instead of calling security, the sexy Asian bunny girl took things into her own hands by busting his naked balls with her bare feet. Kianna Bradley school the naked wanker by repeatedly bashing his balls in with her sexy knees and legs until he crumpled to the floor. Then, she started stomping on his nuts while he was completely powerless beneath her! She continued to debase her guest by taking his cock into her mouth and biting down hard several times! She did the same with his balls to let him know that his genitals belonged to her. Will this sexy Asian bunny girl let the naked pervert escape with his manhood in tact? Or will she use him to satisfy her own sexual urges? He begs to worship her armpits, and she kindly allows him. Then he eats her ass and pussy before fucking her and cumming all over her face