She Turns 2 Evil Giantess 4 Contest Wish

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Brittany Lynn greets you as she is standing in front of you outside of her house. You are the lucky fan who won a contest allowing you to actually meet her in person. She tells you that it's a pleasure to meet the winner of the contest and that for your prize she will perform any sort of fetish that you choose. She tells you she covers over 125 and let's your imagination run wild with some suggestions. You tell her that you want to see her grow into a giantess. At first Brittany Lynn is caught off guard and surprised that is what you want to see. She hesitantly says that she'll do it, but she warns you that depending on her mood, she can be an evil giantess or a gentle giantess. She can't predict it either, so you are taking a huge risk. You tell her you are okay with the risk. Brittany Lynn shrugs and says she hopes you don't end up like my last boyfriend and get eaten. She then closes her eyes, and calmly tilts her head up a little and begins to grow. As she grows, a close-up of her shirt tightening is shown, revealing her tummy. Another close-up is shown of the chest area of her shirt ripping open, causing her bra to be revealed. As she continues to grow a close-up of her jean button undoing itself is seen. Brittany Lynn, now a bit taller than before, looks at you and lets out a playful laugh. She asks you if you are enjoying it so far. She smiles, saying it's only just begun and with that she starts growing again. A series of close-ups of her shirt ripping in various places is shown as well as her jean legs pulling up and tightening. Brittany tosses off her ruined shirt, and smiles at you as she brags about how tall she is. Even the tallest man in the world is tiny compared to her now. But, she is not done growing into a giantess for you. As she grows again a close-up of her bra strap ripping off is shown followed by her jeans falling off her legs. Brittany Lynn, now in just her busted bra and panties, asks how turned on you are from her increasing height. But, before you can answer, she feels her giantess side taking over and it's not the gentle one. Her bra then rips in half, and her panties burst off. She is now towering at least 30 feet over you and desires only to destroy. She stomps around as she tells you she warned you. Finally she finds you and with one big stomp she comes down on your with her giantess foot. Now an obvious evil giantess, she needs more destruction and starts to stomp into the neighborhood looking for something else to destroy. Included in this clip: Giantess Special Effects, Growth Fetish, Clothes Destruction, Big Tits, Evil Giantess, Giantess Bigger than House, Bra Fetish, Panty Fetish, Special Effects, Blondes, Brittany Lynn