Dakota Charms Party Favors

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It is your company's holiday party and an adorable girl comes in looking for a seat. Naturally you encourage her to take a seat and after the introductions, she realizes that her friends have raved about you.  Her flirting becomes more forward as she notices your wedding ring, and asks if she can take you in the back. Surely you want to experience her famous cock sucking? As you find a quiet location, she whispers that you are going to enjoy this and lowers to her knees so she can look up at you with her large, sensual eyes. (Using a dildo POV style) Dakota slowly takes all of you in and talks dirty when her mouth is not filled. She really does know all of the spots! After servicing your cock to the brink of orgasm, Dakota is determined to have you inside of her and strips off her clothes. It feels incredible to be inside such a young, hot body. When she begs for you to cum inside her, you blow your load with so hard, that you know having sex with your wife will never feel as good as this. Dakota gets dressed and coyly lets you know that you can have her anytime you want! OTHER KEYWORDS- homewrecker, dirty talk, Dakota Charms, girl next door, GND, all natural, point of view