Ball Boxing



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Lucky's Gym has the reputation for turning losers into real men after weeks of rigorous training and conditioning. Lucky Starr invited over a new client today who was a massive loser, and he needed plenty of work to transform into a real man. She decided to start off by increasing his pain tolerance with a ball-boxing session! Lucky Starr commanded the new recruit to disrobe immediately so that she could begin punching him in the balls with her boxing gloves, which were actually filled with lead weights to increase the impact. She gave him several uppercuts and jabs to the balls until he could no longer stand. Then, she proceeded to kick him below the belt until he cried for mercy. The sexy Asian trainer didn't stop there. She grabbed his cock and balls while he was in total pain, and she began biting his dick and balls to increase his pain tolerance even more. After a full day of epic femdom pain, she let him go by stroking his cock and giving him a sexy ball-grabbing handjob, milking him all over himself