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Fetish Friday

Psycho Blind Date



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Riley and Eric went on a date, and everything was going well until they came back to her house after dinner, and she wanted to get a bit "physical". She told him that she needed some stimulation in order to get warmed up before sex, and that involved satisfying her own personal ballbusting fetish! Willing to try anything once, Riley's hapless date agreed to some light ballbusting, and she began busting his naked balls while wearing her sexy open-toe high heels! The sexy blonde babe kicked the naked loser in the nuts several times until his balls were nice and swollen. Next, she commanded him to worship her sweaty feet while wearing her heels. She placed her feet in his mouth so that he could lick and suck the sweat from her toes, and she commanded him to present his cock to her so that she could begin biting it! Will this blind date eventually turn into a pleasurable experience for Eric? Or will he go home with nothing but some bruised balls and another bad Tinder story to tell his friends