Bratty Playboy Kerri Visits You on Easte

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Kerri King

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slydawg413 - Top reviewer Aug 16
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Such a sexy, hot , cocktease!

You've never seen a bunny like this...perfect blonde, perfect body, perfect mind to control you don't stand a chance, and you know it. I initiate our session by showing off in a various set of angles(you accommodate ), to make you truly relish every moment with your newly found "easter bunny."Let's face it, Easter is lame, so I have found an ideal way to spruce it up...the usual traditions will be replaced by my new set of them, including but definitely not limited to:spoiling, nudity, and plenty of cock teasing..with a sprinkle of jerking. Enjoy the view, this day only comes once a year...or should i say, "cums?" LOL