I Know Your Secret- You’re An Old Virgin

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I heard you had a birthday coming up. Pretty exciting, hm? You can consider this my special present, just for you. Do you like my sexy outfit? Wow, you’re already hard! So fast! I think we both know why… That’s right, I know your secret - you’re still a virgin! It’s really sweet… and FUNNY! Still a virgin at your age? How hard is it to get laid?” Lilly starts sweet and gets more and more bratty and mean as she humiliates you and teasingly taunts you with her body. “I won’t show you my tits or pussy, I wouldn’t want to overwhelm your virginal brain! If you’re so pathetic, you deserve to be mocked. Pretty girls like me love making fun of desperate virgins. Stroke it to this video, but do exactly as I say. I’ll edge you, tease you until your virgin cock throbs. Right before you cum, I’ll tell you to repeat watching this before you get to blow your load. How many times can you handle? But you’ll listen, you’ll sit there hunched over obeying me, jerking your sad little virgin cock, just for a chance to cum to a hot girl like me. This is as good as it gets for you, you’ll never get laid.&quot