DP vibrating toy super creamy finish

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1,426 5.0
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YOu are a masterpiece when you arch up your ass in doggy.. such a powerful teasing hypnotic position for us... love it..

Rex Morgan
Rex Morgan deleted Apr 14

Just buy & watch, thats all you need to do! 😃
While you're buying it, might as well throw in a tip, possibly peruse her store & check out her many other offerings!

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Watching Kimber take a DP is amazing. Would love to see more of that from time to time.

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If I had to be an object I would like to be this toy !

masonb27 - Top reviewer Jul 25
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that was great i will look forward to more of your videos.

Thank you!!!

Zakktke Apr 21
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Love this girl! So gorgeous yet so nasty :) And she has such a gorgeous perfect pussy! :)

JM1983 Apr 17
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wow amazing video!!! ending shows how much this girl really enjoys herself!!!

Rex Morgan
Rex Morgan deleted - Top reviewer Apr 14
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First of all, if I could 10 star this, I would so double the 5 star rating!
Lets just say whenever Kimber & her new friend get together & collaborate,
it will take her to a "whole new world", as she will sing:
"A whole new world, A dazzling place I never knew, But when I'm way up here
It's crystal clear, That now I'm in a whole new world with you"
This is a highly recommended buy & watch vid! Dont think, do it!

first time using this toy... actually first time using anything DP lol. I liked it a lot so may be seeing some bbg videos soon if this sells well