Big Butt Plowed by 8 Inches

1,316 4.0

Katy Churchill

Canadian / Vancouver BC
1,316 4.0
9:46 min - Apr 18 - .MP4 - 353.23 MB


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SharkJaws92 Apr 18 2017

I love it made me instantly hard as rock I just wished it would have been my cock insteed 😈😈😈

jaybee69 - Top reviewer May 12 2017
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This is a hot one, she get fucked good in her ass by his big dick. She seem to be rly into hot and thats crazy hot to me. Unfortunately he isnt rly that hard so it takes a while to get going. Condom is used so no idea if he pops.

maliciousjester - Top reviewer Jun 30 2017
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I give this 5 stars because of the clear angle of the camera. Visually stimulating to see her on her back, legs spread wide, while being penetrated. It starts off slow and easy, as anal sex probably should. Then as the video progresses, the sex gets harder and faster. Quite enjoyable.

Like the title says, he starts out slow, stretching my tight asshole around his big thick dick before we get into a rhythm of anal fucking that makes us both moan with pleasure