Sissy B@by Humps His Barbie Pillow


Jasmine Rose

American / U.S.
12:47 min - Apr 14 - .MP4 - 386.15 MB


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Why aren't you dressed yet my wittle sissy baby?! I told you to put all your favorite pink on today! ... don't just stare at me and goo goo gah gah. Put your thick pink diapy on, your pink hello kitty shirt on, put that pink penis pacifier in your mouth... and get that pink sissy barbie pillow under your 3 inch clitty to rub on. Yes, you're gonna hump your sissy pillow for me. Now PUT ON YOUR PINK NAPPY, you are only allowed to shoot your little cum cums in your sissy diapers. You are NOT worthy to cum in a pussy! EVER! Now, be a good b0y for m0mmy, yes. Suck on your little penis paci and get all those wittle cum cums out, and then you can slurp up your yummy cummies! Mmmm... what a good filling snack! Yes, good b0y. Slow down! You're shooting them so fast, I need to take pictures and videos to show all my friends! Hehe. What a little sissy