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BabySitterDiaries: Post Camp Steamy Head

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Baby Sitter Raquel is sitting back in a red flannel shirt, and white socks.. Rocking her legs back and forth. Raquel really missed you. She volunteered at a Summer camp this past summer…. She thought that if she got away, she would forget about your kids, being your baby-sitter, and she could put your little love affair in the back of her mind. Raquel figured out at summer camp that forgetting about you is the last thing she wants to do. The boys at summer camp tried to seduce her, but she only wanted a real man. You can’t get Raquel out of your head, just as much as she can’t get you out of hers. She just wants you, a real man.. and a real cock. Raquel is naked, in nothing but her white socks and shoes. She slowly begins to lick at the tip, and suck the head. Raquel licks and sucks every inch, deep throating and running her tongue all over the head of your cock. None of those boys compare to your cock, just like your wife doesn’t compare to Raquel. You have created something special, erotic, and naughty…A little secret between you, Raquel, and your big cock. You blow your load all over Raquel’s face, as she jumps back in shock, and with a big smile