Crutches - Sara Liz

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Sara Liz has such long legs and occasionally she gets a little clumsy. Her sneakers get caught beneath her and she tumbles to the floor. Breathlessly, she realizes that she sprained her ankle. It has already started to swell and she has a hard time taking off her shoe. She tries to walk on it but every time she puts pressure on it, she feels searing pain through her legs. Slowly, she hobbles through her bedroom favoring her hurt leg but decides she needs to get crutches. When she limps back with the crutches, she gingerly takes her sock off, and wraps her sore foot with wrapping tape. Even with the extra care, Sara is extremely uncomfortable. OTHER KEYWORDS- limp fetish, leg sprains and casts, struggling, damsel in distress, legs, sneakers, socks, calves, calf muscle fetish, DID, blonde, blond, leg fetish