Dirty Interview - Kobe Lee

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Kobe Lee is dressed to the nines for her job interview. Her shiny blouse, pencil skirt, and nylons make her look very professional, but the position requires someone who can be a bit unlady like at times. It is mandatory for the boss and his clients to have sex with her at times and the interviewer wants to make sure she understands what she is getting into. This is perfect for Kobe and she dives into a description of how she dropped off paperwork at a client's office and ended up in a blow bang with the client and his two friends. She loved having all of the attention and all of that cum all over her! While describing the event, Kobe strips out of her clothes and down to her pantyhose because she is so turned on by the retelling of her conquests! OTHER KEYWORDS-Dirty talk, employer/employee, Kobe Lee, brunette, MILF, brown hair, dark hair, Persian, all natural, legs, long legs, explicit talk, silk shirt, silk blouse, hosiery