Freebie Tuesday

CUSTOM: Decadent Ebony Asshole Teases



Nigerian / Candyland
10:30 min - May 04 - .MP4 - 408.13 MB


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HD - A gorgeous clip shot strictly for my bootyhole- lovers. Full hair and make-up, brand new high heels and flawless skin thanks to some natural skin care ingredients. Looking flawless, all dolled up to give you and that putrescent cock the ass tease of your sticky wet dreams. MY perfect, well-moisturized ass is serving up drool worthy spreads the entire time. Shame on that shrimp dick for even eyeing a Goddess such as myself, On your knees, pants down.. Teeny dick in hand, jerk it while I spread these bubbly cheeks wide open. Bouncing in doggy whilst sitting on my heels is an erotic luxurious view. This dirty tongue teasing you and all one inch of your that shmall cock. My sharp words only turn you on more. When I bend all the way over and put this ass in the air, all you see is my glowy face and blossoming butthole. I continue to spread and smack it. JOi'ing your heart out is just what's on the lunch menu for me, there's more booty hole to cum :) THIS CLIP ALSO LICKS YOUR AVOCADO ICE CREAM WITH BIG LUCIOUS BLACK LIPS FOR: SMALL PENIS HUMILITAION - ASSHOLE FETISH - ASS WORSHIP - DIRTY TALK - JOI - ASS SMACKING - BOOTYHOLE WINKING - HIGH HEELS - MOANING FETISH