Tease & Denial - Paige Turner

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Paige Erin Turner is in her thong leotard and shiny pantyhose and drawing a name from a hat. It will be the person she is fighting that day although she gets a little frightened when she says "scary" on the script. She is so distracted by the news that she does not notice the creepy man coming up from behind her. As he grabs her and fondles her pussy and coos in her ear. His words are soothing and telling her to listen to her body and she will have fun losing this match. These suggestions cause Paige to become docile and she easily cums as he rubs her pussy from inside her leotard. She is now completely and submissive mentally and physically to her new Master. Paige is pushed down to the couch where she writhes in pleasure as her sensitive clit is rubbed. However, he wants to tease and deny his toy and pulls his hand away as Paige is about to cum. When she is allowed to finally cum, she is given multiple shuddering orgasms by the demon's rubbing of her pussy on the inside and outside of her leotard. He commands Paige to bring herself to orgasm by rubbing herself. As she lies there spent and twitching, he pulls back her leotard and comments that it looks like she has never lost a match like this before. His finger goes between her legs and he counts 1,2,3...   OTHER KEYWORDS-tease and denial, leotard fetish, aliens and monsters, struggling, pantyhose, male domination, orgasm denial, Paige Erin Turner, Scott Torvea, Paige Turner, brunette, tall girls, amazon, long legs, legs, dark hair, all natural, Southern Accent, Wrestling match, male domination