Skinny First Timer Misha Gags


The POV scene

American / Arizona
30:00 min - Apr 14 - .MP4 - 1.58 GB


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Re-edited: added more from camera 2 and uploaded in 60fps. Another first time young model looking to break into porn. Misha surprised me. I was expecting a good bj from a hot & tiny girl...what I got was a girl with no gag reflex and a love for jamming her head onto cock. Hell, I wasn't a fan of gagging. Now I am. She was that good! She also plays to the camera quite well. I think your dicks will appreciate her performance. I typically shoot with a 2nd camera as a backup (I've had it go wrong w camera 1) and insert only a few of non-pov angles. With this cut I decided to add both cum shot angles. The last 6-minutes or so is from camera 2. She was just so freaking cute and I thought you would find a use for both