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American / Hyrule
2,424 5.0
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ZeldasOniLink Apr 29 2017
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What can I say, you a neko maid, how can anyone say this is not great.... I remember the disco light part during the live show, it was awesome (love retro things)... The amount of cream you had while using the Sakura (as you call it) fuck machine was amazing and I wish I was in that room ready to lick you clean after you were done ;P.... One thing I would have liked though, would have been for you use the feather duster to fuck your ass until you came rather than your finger but meh, that's just me.

AndrewCW - Top reviewer Apr 22 2017
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Pretty hot. Love this! XD

2 HOURS, 2 CUMS, 2 FUCK MACHiNES, FULL LiVESHOW! + ♡ I'm a naughty neko maid!! ^0^ This is a super fun day! Full BJ show with party lighting (titty fuck, licking it like a neko maid, deep throat, upside down BJ). I model my sexy maid outfit & feather duster and strip naked just for you! :3 I use Sakura Fuck Machine (ass view) from 0 to MAX SPEED, SO SO SO CREAMY! DRiPPiNG CREAM! :9 But after that I'm not done yet!! I use my DeathStar MAX SPEED AND CUM AGAIN o.o Snuggles and banter afterwards. I dirty talk role play as a maid too