Dakkota Taken Hostage



American / iowa
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we our out and about in the city we start out as the(pov) is stalking the rich wife dakkota she gave her assistant the day off and went out to get a coffee she wearing a fur coat shiny one piece dress and some sexy tights. as she walks down the street he talk about how long he been waiting for this moment to grab her and take her to his place. as she walks you can her the clicking of her heels while she walks down the street [***] her coffee she doesn't suspect a thing. he then makes his move grabs her and puts into the car and he gets into the seat besides we watch her drive and is told what going to happen to her. we finally arrive to the house where poor dakkota is made to strip down to her bra and tights and is made to sit on the bed and be cleave gagged and all taped up to struggle for a while. he then tries to get a good photo for the ransom note but she wont sit still. so he decides to tie her tightly to a chair with rope. as he gets ready to go to send off the ransom dakkota tries to escape. dakkota tried to escape but he caught her. so he taped her back up in the chair and use a cleave gag that she had into her mouth. as he waits to find out if her husband paid she left to struggle in the chair she mmphs and moans trying to get free. he returns to get her ready for bed she going to be returned to her husband tomorrow so he gets her ready for bed. he places her onto the bed and uses these over size tip ties to make her comfortable til morning. then he carries her from the bed to the trunk of the car still tied up. will she make it back to her husband? did he pay