clay beach
Freebie Tuesday

Blackmail you with your Cum Eating

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You know, I let ALL of you know that I get ALL of your info when you buy a clip, from certain places. BUT so many of you give me false info, and / or don't follow through with the tribute I demand. Well, NEWS FLASH! I have your real info. And, I also have something else. I know that your obsessed with guzzling your own cum down, on my behalf. And, SHAUN.. you are a big one. I'm going to put a video of you eating your own jizz ALL over if you don't pay up. I'll show all my hot friends, and anyone in your life. It's time you pay up, even if it means exposing your cum eating obsession!! <br><br>This was a custom request, but can be watched by anyone and enjoyed thoroughly. Especially if you're one of my cum eating sluts