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Is your 101 video deal for 54 limited time? 
I want to get it but I can only get it first check of next month 😩

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If you don't see a bartender for money God help you all. Damn love your vids so much worth the money even cost me more being on the other side of the world rates xxxxxx

I am so glad you jumped in on this offer perfect time, and now you have so much material to enjoy of me! thank you <3

jb38501 Apr 16
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Perfect tease of the awesome deal you get with this!

Purchasing this Video will give you all of my current uploaded Videos, email me after, I will send the link upon purchase. Enjoy! Videos include roleplaying, fetish, anal, big tits, big ass, JOI, dirty talk, POV, strip teases, bbw, tit worship, goddess, blonde, glasses, pigtails, taboo, giantess, sloppy, wet, messy, ass worship, cock teases, SPH, costumes, etc