Juicy Apple Chewing Upclose

Wynter Azure

American / Pacific NW
7:39 min - Apr 15 - .MP4 - 394.89 MB


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Mmmm, Wynter just loves big juicy apples! This apple is especially juicy, a nice big ripe organic apple. Wynter bites into it with the camera showing her whole face- then she shows off the teeth marks on the apple upclose and personal. You can see the shape of her perfect, strong teeth in the apple!! The camera zooms in for some serious upclose chewing (all as open mouth as possible) action as Wynter demolishes and consumes this apple. It has SO much juice that it's dripping down Wynter's chin onto her big breasts, even spraying across the room on some bites!! When Wynter is finished she picks her teeth and licks and sucks them clean