Easter Eggs: The Origins

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791 5.0
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dorkknight - Top reviewer Jun 8
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I'd love to go Easter Egg hunting with this bunny, and I know the first place I'd look! ;) Another fun, creative and oh so sexy video from Kitty. I just love watching this Easter Bunny push egg after egg out of her soft, wet pussy. Easter may only come once a year, but this video definitely made me cum over and over!

It's 2017, and the Easter Bunny thinks you finally deserve to know where Easter eggs REALLY come from. Turns out, she's going to show you too. In this adorably perverted clip, the sexy little bun shows you what happens when she fucks her ass with carrots-- the eggs come from her soaked pussy! *****performers note this vid is a on the silly side..BUT! that doesn't take away from the awesome anal and pussy action! If you want some really amazing dirty talk and crazier roles, check out my other vids! I love it rough and dirty..but I'm also cute as hell ^.^ **** This clip includes: anal masturbation, odd insertions, easter, bunny, food stuffing, pet play, costume, big tits, eggs, carrots, roleplay, stuffing, pawg, bbw, curvy