Homewrecker Arrangement

922 5.0

Princess Fierce

American / Fiji
922 5.0
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quot;You certainly seemed to enjoy our all day shopping trip! Your wife told me you hated shopping! I mean you even paid for all my clothes, heels, and lingerie! Wow! This room will be perfect tonight while I am over. When is your wife coming home? Not for a little bit? Well, to be frank your wife is looking pretty bad. She's put on a lot of weight. You've been alone a lot lately with her working long hours. Have you been a good hubby or a bad hubby? Because you certainly seemed to be a bad hubby on out shopping trip." I slowly begin seducing you and you pull out your cock. Soon you are stroking to me and realizing your wife is nothing compared to this. Let's make a little deal shall we? You take me shopping all the time and I'll let you do this to me all the time. This clip contains elements of homewrecker, jerk off instruction, joi, femdom pov, financial domination, shopping, seductress, findom, bratty, blackmail fantasy, femdom, mesmerize, mind fuck, wedge heels
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