Fuck or Cuck Roomie


Princess Fierce

American / Fiji
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We've been roommates for awhile and I just want to apologize for being such a huge bitch to you. I just didn't know how to act around you. I've wanted you for awhile now, and I thought the bitchy attitude was a turn on. I've been thinking about you and masturbating a lot lately. Have you been doing the same? Have you, I dunno, maybe stolen some of my panties before and sniffed them? Maybe even tasted them? Let's cut the bullshit. Get your clothes off. Take me on this bed now. As I begin to drop my panties you realize this may just be a trick...could it be maybe I just trapped you in my room and turned you on just to fuck with you? Is it possible you are only in here to watch me get fucked by a real man? Cum find out...is it fuck or cuck time, roomie? This clip contains elements of cuckold, female domination, femdom pov, femdom, cock tease, tease and denial, bratty princess, financial domination, sub, pussy denial, orgasm denial