Denied Cucky Brainwashing

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You love my pussy. You fantasize about my pussy. You long to see it, touch it, feel it.. You imagine what it looks like, how tight it is, how sensitive it is, but you know you'll never have it. It doesn't matter how hard you try, how much you give, or what you do, you'll NEVER have my pussy. You'll only ever be a denied cuckold. Sit back and relax, and get lost in the mesmerizing swirl and stare at my covered pussy. As I enter your mind, I'm going to turn you into a better cuckold. I'm going to brainwash you into my perfect little denied cucky. You spend, you stare, you stroke, but you'll never have. You are here to spoil me, to please me, to worship me, and to make sure I'm good and wet, from your money, for a real man to fuck. You fantasize about this perfect, tight pussy, getting fucked hard, by a big fat dick. Listen to my every word, obey my every command, as I brainwash you into the perfect denied cuckold