Cranking Pressure Washer and Weed Eater

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Can you make a video where you start up the weed eater and cut down some weeds.

A sexy blonde wearing short shorts, a sports bra, and sneakers is all set to go get some outside work done and walks through her garage to get going. She first goes to where her pressure washer is and checks the gas levels to make sure everything looks good. When she is convinced it is, she gets to trying to start it with the pull cord. However, no matter who hard she pulls, the pressure washer will not start. It just makes cranking noises, but won't turn over. Confused, she tries to figure out what the problem is. She looks the pressure washer over and tries to pull start it some more. Again, more cranking and no starting. She tries a number of positions to pull start it, but no matter what angle or how fast she pulls, she gets nothing but cranking. After a few minutes of that she gets frustrated and decides to put the pressure washer to the side for a minute. She then grabs her weed eater and gets it ready for action. She adjusts the throttle and primes the engine. She then pulls the pull cord hard and fast. Again, she pulls over and over again and only cranking happens. She tries starting the weed eater pulling with both hands and from every imaginable angle, but is just won't start no matter how hard or fast she pulls. All she gets is cranking. She even pleads with the weed eater to start as she breathes heavily from being so tired. She then decides to go back to the pressure washer. She again pulls hard and fast and more cranking is all she can get out of the machine. She continues to pull and pull and gets nothing. It is almost as if it is out of gas, but she knows it has a full tank. But, all she can get is cranking. She again goes back to the weed eater and is again stumped when she gets nothing but cranking. At this point she is even starting to sweat a bit from all the pulling she is doing. Some more work on the weed eater only produces more cranking. So, she decides to try one more time with the pressure washer. She hold nothing back. She pulls on the pull cord fast and hard. Again and again she tries to get the pressure washer to start, but simply gets a lot more cranking. She finally gives up and as she is sweating and breathing heavy she concedes that there will be no outdoor work today and walks away in frustration. Included in this clip: Cranking, Sneaker Fetish, Short Shorts, Sports Bra, Pressure Washer, Weed Eater, Pull Cord, Fast Pulling, Long Pulls, Short Shorts, Blonde Cranking, Blondes