Sexy Outfit & Tons of Burps

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1,213 5.0
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crushme Apr 30 2017
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Seriously mesmerizing; it's like everything I ever wanted in a burp fetish vid, even down to the perspective where the camera is looking slightly up at you, endowing it with a sort of GTS (giantess) quality. Even the mirror is deeply appreciated. Genuine posing/body tease with burping is all too rare.

I hope you make a bunch more that are virtually identical to this, just changing up the outfit, etc. But I have a specific request: In the next one, could you create an "assquake" by slowly and methodically stomping your feet as you belch? Could you also sacrifice some bass to let out some long, lazy brrraaaaps? My dream scenario is where you aim for, like, a nice 5-second burp, raise one foot about halfway through it, and then bring it crashing to the ground right as you sense the last of the gas is coming out.

Also one last thing: Could you get the mirror in an even better position to capture your full figure? But without changing anything about the camera height/perspective. Thanks if you read all this!

In This Video I'm Wearing very sexy lingerie and I show it off for you all while burping loudly over and over again! I have fun in this video, the preview shows me towards the end , getting silly and burping in your face ! Small Burps and LOUD