Freebie Tuesday

Dating App Gone Wrong

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Nyxon decided to try one of those dating apps all the girls at work are always telling her about. She meets a nice looking fellow and it seems they have a lot of similar interests. She gives him her address and invites him over to her house to pick her up for a hot date on Friday night. She gets excited and she's now got something to look forward to during the rest of the work week at the office... She comes home that day from work and the front door is unlocked. Thats strange. She lives alone with her paranoid mother and her mother always keeps the door locked. She enters the house and sets down her purse scanning the room. She walks into the living room, and there's her mother tied to a chair! She runs over just in time to get grabbed and tied up herself. "What the?!.. What the hell is going on?!.." Then she recognizes the man that has them tied so uncomfortably.. It's the dating app guy!! Between shouts of protest and questions of what is happening, he decides they are making too much noise. He stuffs their mouths and wraps their faces with tape. He admires his work and takes a few snapshots for his collection and then lets himself out through the back door. He can hear their muffled shouts until the door closes behind him.. "Time to go home and check the dating app....&quot