Lesbian Sex on Inflatables with Ginary

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Can I have your whale and stingray please?

Always up for some inflatable fun, Layla is hanging out with Ginary, and topic of some of Layla's new toys comes up... Soon, the two sexy ladies are bouncing and grinding their hot bodies against a large inflatable whale, and a stingray, each with a hitachi in their hand!! Things get intense quick with Ginary starting to strip and hump the balloon intensely. Layla follows her lead and both of them start to get real hot and heavy with their inflatable and their vibrators... Layla suggests that they have some real fun and suggests that they fuck on the stingray! This is music to Ginary's ears, and soon she is eagerly sucking on Layla's strap on dick! She sucks it like a real pro, and Layla can't wait to start pounding Ginary's wet pussy, so she banks it out of her mouth and starts pounding away, deep inside Ginary! I think she likes it!! They both are definitely into this, as Layla is really working up a sweat banging her out, in a few positions, pulling up Ginary's legs, so she can get her dick in even deeper!! Next up is Ginary going for a ride on Layla's lap! She rides Layla's big dick, bouncing on her lap! Looks like both the ladies, and the stingray are having a blast! But why should the stingray have all the fun? So they switch to the large whale and Layla has her bend over one of it's fins, so she can hit it from the back!!! Layla bangs her out hard doggystyle on the whale, and is really going at her hard!!! Ginary cums hard while being fucked from behind by the much larger Layla! This is how it should be done