Jade fucked in photoshoot

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If there is one thing I love, it is to interrupt models during a shoot and get in on the action. That's why I always have a assistant on hand during my photoshoots, so if I get to exited, and want to join in, my assistant can take the camera while I enjoy myself! This was one of those shoots where it was suppose to be just a solo Glamour shoot for promo pics. But seeing the stunning milf jade with her smooth tanned skin, just out of the make up session, I could not resist, and came up with a quick scenario to get involved. Watch us fool around and then she takes my cock out and start blowing while still posing for the camera! I pull of her panties. I lick her pussy out and then stick my bareback cock into her wet tight Pussy! I fuck her doggiestyle and missionary and get some more deep cock sucking action from her. I was very carefully not to come inside this milf and get her pregnant. I love her gorgeous feet that is clearly in view when I am fucking her
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