Easter Bunny Tease

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GHonda13 Jun 16
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Only way this video could have been any better is if it was happening on my couch or never ended.

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This is the first of 8 videos I have downloaded and the first review of the Goddess Kimber Veils. The review dates are significantly later than the date I downloaded them because I was occupied, uh, distracted, uh, mesmerized by her piercing eyes, shiny raven black hair, her incredible legs, ass, pussy, hell, her entire toned and tight body.

She has good vocals here that add to the teasing and the outfit is superb. Her gymnastic flexibility and many views of her sexy ass add to the heat this video generates. When she bounces up and down on the couch it leaves little to the imagination of where your mind will go add adding in the rolling back and forth motion just makes it that much more erotic. The mesh stockings really accentuate her well-shaped legs.

Gotta love the make up as well - eyelashes, nice shiny wet lipstick and the nails.

She teases with many views of the beaded area of the thong which is, of course, riding over the entrance to her tunnel of pleasure. When her top comes off to show her athletic breasts and firm toned abs you can just about lose it right there. When the panties come off and she leans back to show you the, quite honestly, most beautiful pussy I've ever seen, well, let's just say your underwear might night stay dry. And when you see it from behind, there's really only one thought on your mind. When she's up on the couch, doggy or reverse cowgirl style with rolling hips, then it's pretty much Game Over... If that doesn't finish it, when she's leaning over the couch, doggy style and contracting her pussy muscles, that will!

JM1983 Apr 17
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great holiday video!! id recommend both!

Rex Morgan
Rex Morgan deleted - Top reviewer Apr 15
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Lets just say that you will not look at Easter the same way!
Recommend buy & watch vid!

having a bit of funny in a easter bunny outfit, testing and showing my body :) see easter bunny toy play video for the 2nd part