Hinata blackmailed into tittyfuck n anal

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22,478 4.9
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LYON18555 - Top reviewer May 8
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I've always loved Hinata Hyuga as a character and Hidori brings her to life! The cute shyness is wonderful and the cosplay just right. Favorite part is when she licks a load right off her breasts! WOLF!

ChurchofSorrow - Top reviewer Apr 26
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Hidori is a master at bringing fantasy to life. The Hinata cosplay is great (which helps sell the scene), and she knows how to get into the minds of her fans seamlessly. As prompted by the video description, I would keep Hidori's Hinata for as long as I could.

AndrewCW - Top reviewer Apr 25
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So incredibly hot. Probably my all time fav Hinata vid out there XD

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Hidori completely pulled off the cosplay which made this an extremely sexy video, thanks so much and looking forward to your future content as always!

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Amazing work Hidori! Reccommend highly!

w00zah Jun 30
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my favorite female naruto char, just perfect :) ty

Hidori May 30

Aww then why not 5 stars :( I'd appreciate some constructive criticism...

Hinata's friends , Naruto and co have been abducted by a new evil presence. This time they separated her from the group for some perverse plans. She is making an arrangement with this guy ; if she serves him with her body he will finnaly let them all go. So as the sub she really is , Hinata is taking her duty very seriously and tries her best to please. Along the vid you notice she can't help herself and actually enjoys this treatment. Starting with some shy body showing and exploring , Hinata musters the courage to take on this dude's huge cock. She sucks and tittyfucks him good taking a huge load in her mouth and all over her perfect soft tits. Seeing how much she actually enjoyed this, he makes her use one of his perverted toys, a fuck machine. Hinata decides that her pussy is too tight still and wants to keep it that way for her future husband so she puts to good use her bootyhole for some nice anal action until she can't take it anymore. Will she be let free now? Or kept for future fun times? You decide