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Daddy, do you have your eyes closed? They're closed right? Okay. I'm gonna walk in and show you what I bought today. Ready? One...Two...Three! I bought it just for you! Happy Birthday! Do you like it? You love it don't you. Well, since it's your birthday and mommy is gone we could really have some fun. I want you to play with me first and get me ready. Oh your hand feels so good! I love the way you grab me. Your hand is so strong and your fingers are so thick. I don't know if I can take it. Go really slow Daddy. Your mouth feels so good. Kiss me there daddy! I'm wet enough Daddy. I think I'm ready but its going to be really tight. I saved myself just for you but you have to go really slow. Happy Birthday Daddy! Video Includes: HD taboo, daddy's girl, virtual sex, pov, all natural, 18 & 19 yrs old, dirty talk, begging, doggystyle, missionary, hairy bush, daddy daughter fantasy, pony tail, virginity, cunnilingus, retainer, princess leia, porn