Chastity Slave Dominated Ballbusting



British / london
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My friend has recently ditched her boyfriend. he was a complete arsehole to her and she decided to lock his pathetic cock up and give me the key and deal with him. he has come to my house thinking he is going to get some sort of a date with me and a possible release from his chastity device plus even a possible fuck with me! Haha! We sit down and I begin to tease him with my incredibly sexy outfit complete with seamed stockings and Christian Louboutin high heel stiletto peep toe shoes! he can’t help but look at me and long to get with Me… I am wearing an incredibly tight pencil skirt which shows off my curves and my incredible lucious ass I tease him with the key to his chastity device and ask him to undress in front of me. he truly believes his luck is in! Once undressed and standing butt naked in front of me I realise just how tiny his cock is and can’t quite believe it! I take a closer look and gasp… It’s just… SO SMALL! I am incredibly disappointed with it but still keep his hopes up making him think he’s really in for a lucky night with Me. I ask him to get on all fours and spread his legs… he’s thinking he’s in for some sort of sexy new sex position and is full of excitement! After some suspense, I begin to bust his balls. he can’t believe the pain and is soon on the floor in agony pleading me for no more! Being the sadistic bitch i am, I carry on getting my revenge. Not happy with just dishing out pain to his balls I then give him a good spanking. Ensuring to get his ass bright red and sore! Starting with a bare hand spanking and moving onto a stingy paddle. Really going for it ensuring this is a day he will not forget in a hurry! Back to busting his balls and giving them a good full pelt with my super strong feet. he’s begging me to stop but he deserves way more yet! Back to more kicking his balls. I give such powerful kicks and love it when I catch his chastity device. HAHA. Will he get release from his chastity device? Tune in and find out