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British / london
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It’s date night and my cuckold slave is naked on all fours whilst I approach him in my tight fitting dress and sit on him like he is human furniture. I spank his ass and begin to touch up my make-up ready for my date with a REAL MAN. I humiliate and degrade him and remind him of his true place. he is super jealous knowing that I’m off to meet a real hot guy. Especially as it’s likely I will bring the guy home to fuck infront of him! silly boys like him with tiny cocks are so utterly useless. I like a MAN with a real cock! i get a paddle and begin to spank his ass further. spanking him till he gets a nice bright red rosey glow! I tease him to the max and get him super worked up before leaving him alone whilst I venture out…. this poor cuck is left to stew alone with his jealousy! I'm also showing off my sexy bare feet in this video! perfect for those of you with a foot fetish