Soapy Shower Body Worship

352 5.0

Blue Dream

American / California
352 5.0
7:44 min - Apr 15 - .MP4 - 289.75 MB - 1280x720 HD


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This will make you LOVE SHOWER Videos

Gone2Soon - Top reviewer Jul 21 2017
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Bathtub + Water + Soap +Blue Dream = some very erotic fun. While this video has everything, you'll really love it if like cute butts.

cevans1e - Top reviewer May 22 2017
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This girl is gorgeous! Incredibly hot!

zamkin - Top reviewer Apr 16 2017
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wow.. the way the soap and water running down your body is amazing. this is a very well done video and the camera work is great.

youngman25 Apr 16 2017
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So soapy and hd, love the camera movements, and that body of course! :)

RichManPoor Apr 15 2017
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Lovely slim, trim & sexy body getting all wet & soapy in the shower & bath with @DreamBlueXXX 's hands accenting all the cute & sexy parts❣️
Handheld camera & focusing fade-ins just added to the real action feel of it to me. Beautiful nips n play = outstanding soapy handling. & yes you get to see the beautiful boobie, pussy, ass, belly, & more highlighted by lots of hand and finger action X

amyamm - Top reviewer Feb 10
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I had a heart attack when I see her soles in the water while she was sitting on the tub :) She is very cute in the video.

Saponify' --- HD DSLR SHOT) Saponify" - turn oil into soap by an reaction with an alkali. Watch me in the shower as the camera explores my body and as I pour Dr. Bronner's oil on my tits, ass, and pussy and get very wet and soapy