Submissive Rope Bondage And Hitachi Cum

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116 5.0
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This is such a sweet and sensual video. Zelda and Sugar (Milo) are so beautiful together here. I love watching the rope work as Sugar binds Zelda, then themselves together. This leads to gentle caressing, really tender kisses, and fingering, as well as Zelda bringing out the hitachi for to use on herself then Sugar. The soundtrack and lighting really set a gentle but sexy atmosphere, and I just love the looks of delight on both of their faces as I really feel the enjoyment here. Also, definitely check out their follow-up, Sweet Surrender Pt 2!

Watch as I bind Zelda & I together for a sweet submissive scene. Lots of sensual kissing, caressing, fingering, & at the end a hitachi cum for each of us