Flipflop Slap Tease

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American / Los Angeles
167 5.0
9:43 min - Apr 15 - .MP4 - 847.82 MB


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This clip was so hot. I hope you do more vids with slapping. I've never got wood so fast in my life. Beautiful feet beautiful woman teasing you with her gorgeous feet.

MasLove Apr 22
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Another great clip you will not regret purchasing! Nothing like a beautiful woman with sexy pedicured feet wearing a pair of cute flip flops dangling right in front of you right?Cassandra doesn't waste any time. She gets right into it as she positions herself in an appropriate yet teasing angle by having a seat right where you can see both feet in action! You'll enjoy all 9 min. and 43 sec. with a big smile as she taunts you with her dangling and irresistible sound of her soles slapping against those cute white flip flops! Love how she flexes her arch at times as she dangles and repositions herself to keep you entertained, but focused on her the whole entire time. Worth every penny! Can't wait to see if she decides to do more dangle vids like this with the camera view positioned up close from behind. What a great sole view that would be! Thank you Cassandra for the awesome show! : )

:x thank you MasLove!

Cassandra Cruz teases you with her flip flops as she slaps her flip flops against her feet