Donut Revenge - Jacquelyn Velvets

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In a previous encounter Candle had been possessed to eat cupcakes against her will and she became very fat, very quickly. We find out that Jacquelyn Velvets was the one who left them out. She gloats about Candle becoming a fat cow. When she sees a box of donuts, Jackie starts gloating about her fast metabolism and how she can eat whatever she wants without gaining an inch. She starts to eat one and it turns out they have the same powers as the cupcakes. This sexy blond becomes insatiable and cannot stop eating them. The box gets wolfed down and she is not careful to eat daintily. The frosting smears over her face as she crams them in her mouth. Very quickly, her weight starts ballooning. Her ass and belly are huge, and she wants to stop eating, but cannot control herself. Poor Jacqueline is miserable about being a true lard ass! OTHER KEYWORDS- magic control, belly bloating, growth, struggling, humiliation, embarrassment, humor, Jacqueline velvets, Jackie Velvets, Jaqueline velvets, blond, blonde, humour