S-CLASS - [Kairi] Endless Heartless Cum

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7,651 5.0
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KyleBrackman deleted Jul 11 2017

I want to eat your cum.

pitykitty Jul 12 2017

That's what she said.

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Apr 16 2017
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As always kitty does the best cosplay, she's always so accurate in her costuming. Well in this video she's captured and is "virtually" gangbanged by the heartless creatures. She takes the toy from behind for nearly ten minutes, and then on her back in a few different positions. I loved the sound of her wet kitty and you could see how excited and creamy she got towards the end.

The video ends with a virtual cream pie and later blow job.

What I love about her is her sexully charged innocence. As always so professionally done. You'll enjoy watching her again and again and again and again. :))))

Azar0n Oct 25 2017
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It's my first time that i look a video of pitykitty and the result is very good.
I advice to look it with the music "sacrifice of sora".
Who not dream of a NTR (cheating) with Kairi after finishing the games ? After be captured by the heartless, she's "do anything" for protect herself.
I like the idea of the line drawing on her body (like on the hentai i read or play).
It's after the middle of the video that the very good part come. The cuteness and innocence of PK is beautiful. Just look the the end, the end is just...wonderful. The reaction of kairi when sora come is a heart stroke.
The writing and story on the video is a good work but still be again better. In the final boss for example, the dialogue can show more the submission of kairi on the heartless. The cosplay is perfect and the face of PK is lovely.
If you're a fan of Kingdom hearts, just buy it for see kairi cheating sora. And if you don't know KH, buy it for PK and her cuteness. In all the case, buy it !
The corruption of the heart of kairi is a delight.

whatastorymark - Top reviewer Jul 3 2017
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Reader's discretion is advised. In order to convince one how tremendous this video was, I must go into some graphic detail, part of it the result of deliberate planning. To start, I managed to go 14 days without climaxing, most of the time I wasn't counting the days, it just came to be and I don't often make time to finish on purpose. More often than not unfortunately it happens unintentionally, poor stamina, edging, whatever. At least with videos, it's easier to work within the allotted time and do things as planned. I wanted to make sure basically that this was the scene to end my drought, and I wanted it to be exactly 2 weeks after noticing how close I was to that number anyways. I also needed to be awake enough, half the time I'm too tired to “finish.” An unintentional one hour nap in the middle of the night was a blessing in disguise, being awake enough to experience this.

Now actually getting to the video, while the planning made the finale unbelievable, the shame crept in as soon as PK was bent down doggystyle and her booty meat was on display. The shame in that I should've watched this sooner. At the same time, I feel like I get more into this woman every passing day, and I was already gaga over her when I first saw her months ago. So imagine this hard, literally speaking, swollen sense of excitement in watching this video. I don't know shit about Kingdom Hearts, all I saw was a woman in a cute outfit putting in some work with the machine, boasted by a high production value. A nice soothing musical piece over the sexual action, and subtitles that do just enough for the story, lighting too that gives it an interesting atmosphere, as if she was in a cave, darkness surrounding mostly, but a spot of light just enough to show her and the fucking that went on.

Something I realized just now about the scene was it played in reverse for me, in terms of positions and things I enjoy in porn. It would start with the blowjob, one position being where she's taken from the front, and the climax happens when she's taken from behind. It's the reverse order here, she's taken from behind first, really starting off hot and heavy. I kept looking at the time because I had to reassure myself that I'd make it to the end. Even if I had finished every day like a normal young male pervert, I would still struggle with the scene, because of the woman herself being just so amazing at everything she does, and looking beautiful doing it. I had the scenario in my mind that if things went south, I'd just give myself 5-10 minutes, and finish the scene to climax again, because I could do that with material like this. I managed to make it through the epic half hour. I don't like long porn scenes, they get repetitive and the flow is stilted as a result. This woman seems to be an exception to that, mastering how to keep things going, with nicely timed camera angle changes. A regular pro porn cameraman just doesn't have that kind of grasp and it bugs me, it's why I don't really watch pro porn scenes anymore.

So with the story, a bunch of Heartless cum inside her, there's tally marks showing how many times their seed was pumped into her. I had a feeling the “Endless” term also applied to PK herself, especially during the part where she's taken from the front, really doing a number rubbing her vagina. That particular section, as is the case with all her videos I've seen so far, it's a battle for me between focusing on her face, and focusing on her vagina. There's no battle with the audio, always delivering in those beautiful moans. The creaminess of the lady herself was amazing, that was heavy duty for me and my endurance. A lot came out of her, including the Heartless splooge. I must say that when that came out the vagina, I couldn't help but notice her asshole looking, sealed, tight, selfish person in me was thinking anal. No, there was a blowjob, a really hot one at that. That goes back to the reverse order, this would normally start a scene, it finishes it here, but in such a grand way that I can't complain at all. Besides, it meant seeing her face more. Going back a bit, during the fucking and you see her face, there's a point where she has her tongue out, mouth all open. Yeah, that was awesome. Her vagina did a number on machine dick, her mouth did the same thing, the subtitle that said “I think he's cumming,” fucking perfect. I was like that Final Boss, I didn't have a mouth to eject into though. Instead I had a couple areas, one of them being the front end of my keyboard, holy shit, a couple inches away from the keys thankfully. I was as stiff as them, I couldn't aim at my usual spot, so, it just went almost everywhere.

Graphic things aside, Sora missed out. I missed out not watching this despite having bought this 3 weeks ago. Better late than never, so fucking late bb. This effectively turned my day into one where all I want to do is sleep, this knocked me out so hard, I slept like a baby after, but unfortunately got woken up for one reason or the other. The power of the video still warrants more sleeping, so I'll do that, and watch this again in the near future.

If it wasn't clear enough, I love this video. PK scores another homerun.

bigc83 deleted Jun 2 2017
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ms.kitty did a fantastic job through her hard work and dedication making this video, well done ms.kitty ❤

solmark May 20 2017
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As always a good vid from pity.

darkryuxxx12 May 16 2017
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Hi love kingdoms games , so check kitty video , it so hot

Wulf49 Apr 16 2017
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Awesome vid, won't be disappointed. BUY IT!! (^_^)-b

Atriex - Top reviewer Feb 19
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I'm just slowly getting addicted to her videos in all honesty. I just can't stop rewatching her vids. This one is pretty fucking good. You won't regret getting this vid and going through it.

mperea13 Jan 30
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Definitely my favorite video I’ve bought yet!

Uberlover Jul 8 2017
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You don't have to know the character PityKitty (PK) is playing in order to enjoy her raw sexual charisma and on-screen presence. Looking hotter than the sun with red hair and blue eyes, she gives you front row seat to the exciting view of her wonderfull ass moving back and forth as she backs her wet pussy onto a big black cock. Hearing and seeing how wet she is adds to the already hypnotic atmosphere created by her excellent choice in background music, and the way she moans and breathes heavily. Her shaved pussy is red with excitement as she turns over and lets the fuck machine do its share of the work. As PK finishes off with an eager POV BJ, she looks at you with those intense, blue eyes and you just know she wants you to finish off for her.

The video is 31 minutes long. 1920x1080 50 FPS, [recorded with DSLR and semi-professional illumination]---------- [Scripted Video] [Mini-history]---------- The video contains: Cosplaying Kairi from Kindom Hearts, POV blowjob and POV fuck, Closeups, Large dildo insertion, Creampie ---------- After travelling Kairi ended up in a really dangerous spot surrounded by Heartless, creatures of darkness. She fought againts all of them at the same time, but it was pointless. There were more and more attacking her until she fainted