Sibling Sympathy


Bettie Bondage

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Your sister is home for Easter from her out of state Catholic girl's college and you two are hanging out on the couch watching movies. You both doze off but when you wake up, your cock is rock-hard. It's been doing that every time you wake up. You found out the first time that if you rub it, it'll go away eventually, so you're working on riding yourself of the burden when your sister wakes up. At first, she's shocked but she quickly reassures you that there is nothing wrong with you. In fact, she says, she wants to help you. She confesses that while she's been away at school, she's learned a lot about sexuality from the nuns and the Father at her school. They say sexuality and sexual relationships are part of your relationship with God, and your sister is going to share her knowledge with you! You can't believe what's happening but when your sister reaches forward to stroke your throbbing cock, you don't care. It feels amazing, and she's really enjoying it. Rocking against a pillow between her perfect, milky thighs, she strokes your cock and asks if she can take you into her mouth, "Is that ok? It's not wrong because we're related and we love each other, right?" before she slips your cock into her warm, wet mouth. It doesn't take long before she straddles you, grinding her panty-clad pussy against your dripping cock. "Maybe I'll just pull the fabric aside, so you can feel my wetness...but no penetration, right?" She's breathless and desperate as she slides your hardness against the wet, inviting opening of her pussy, so ready to be fucked for the first time