Carrie fucks her new fuck toy joi



Canadian / Ontario
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Fatih is a handsome guy overseas who has ordered several worn outfits from Carrie.. so they've corresponded over a year or so but never spoken live to one another. He finally decides to book a custom video and a cam session. Carrie enjoys cam because she's very visual and likes the one-on-one interaction. They had a fun cam session last night and today she's made the fucking video.. anxious to try out her new contraption. She considers herself very handy and has made a fucking toy out of a blanket rack and a strapon. Watch along as she talks to Fatih about their cam the night before and how much she enjoyed it. She sucks the cock on the fuck machine and then fucks the strapon straddling the 'fuck machine' and pretends it's his cock she's fucking and then decides to finish him off with one of her 'famous handjobs' to completion on her massive tits