Freebie Tuesday

Listening to the Neighbors


Sidney SinClaire

American / Cam Space
4:27 min - Jun 12 - .MP4 - 131.31 MB


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My next door neighbor has a bedroom on the other side of this wall. I can frequently hear her and her man fucking and it turns me on so much. In this video you can see only my body and a little of my mouth while its moaning. I finger fuck my pussy and hold my leg up at times to make myself orgasm. Standing up is the only way that I can do this while ease dropping on my best friend and her man. They have no idea that I am listening, and you don't either until the end when I put my ear to the wall and bend over. (or unless you read this description, then you know what I am doing)This video was spontaneously filmed. You cannot hear much as I am trying to be quiet but I do moan quite a bit and you hear the wetness of my pussy, especially when I start to cum and finger it much faster