Babysitter Needs To Punish You


Lacie James

American / Los Angeles
5:00 min - Apr 16 - .MP4 - 418.06 MB


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It's been so long since I've had the chance to come over and babysit you. You look like you may have grown but not into a real man yet. Since I havnt been over here in a real long I think we should check a few things out. What are your needs for me now? I'm going to teach you what happens to naughty boys like you. Why don't you drop your pants and let me see how you've grown. Wow that's it?? That things not worthy of even getting close to me. I'm goin to be a good babysitter and make sure you get your punishment. Now bend over while I count out the spanks I'm going to give you with my belt. Don't look so sad..are you going to cry? I think you can handle more. Wow, your ass is so red and pathetic. Did you learn your lesson