Don't hate your beta fate

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Mother Nature has always been the type of Woman I can relate to, a cruel, unforgiving bitch that can be sweltering hot and devastatingly ice cold at the same time. She could blow you away, light up your life, hang the moon, be your sunshine, your summer of passion or fade into fall and become the winter of your discontent. She is calculated and precise, beautiful and majestic, destructively divine. She dealt you a cruel hand in life, and stacked mine with royalty, but she makes no mistakes. Your genetic inferiority, submissive soul, and mental weakness have determined your fate for a reason. This fate cannot be altered, changed or interfered with by your ill conceived attempts at rising above your place in this world. You can pretend that you are not the tiny dick loser fate has destined you to be, but as I explain in this clip, your efforts are all doomed to failure as fate will only push you back to your rightful place at my feet