Slutty Maid Gets A Spanking

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vanvogue Oct 28

such a fun hangout! XO

Cupcake loves being the House Slut for Mistresses Freudian Slit, Askasha Shakur, and Stacy Sadistic...but one day she gets bored of cleaning and decides to misbehave! Wearing her sexy vintage lingerie, she moves from wiping the kitchen sink to "cleaning up" the table directly in front of the TV they are watching! The Mistresses get annoyed and finally pull Cupcake over their laps, taking turns spanking her one at a time and simultaneously as Cupcake writhes and moans. The camera zooms in on Cupcake's luscious ass as she gets spanked and the viewer can see a tampon string peeking out from just beyond her thong! No wonder Cupcake is enjoying the spanking so much - the tampon must be acting as a mini dildo! The Mistresses pick up on Cupcake's obvious enjoyment and then decide they need to use a harsher punishment: the paddle! They have Cupcake bent over the couch, and then over their laps again as they give her swats with the heavy wooden cane while playfully scolding her for her obvious sluttiness. Being the House Submissive definitely has it's perks