Peeing Around Leicester- 12 mins of piss


Bad Dolly

British / England
12:10 min - Apr 23 - .MP4 - 384.99 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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i've taken a little work trip to leicester for 3 days earlier this month, and naturally i don't miss a chance to film myself pee in all these new toilets! this clip has 10 different pee scenes, starting out at the beginning of the trip peeing in a service station on our journey up to leicester. next watch me pee open leg in a changing room at a studio i'm working at. then a few sexy pee clips from my hotel room, one first thing in the morning letting out a huge golden morning piss, then a naked one after a couple of [***], and one while i'm modelling in my hotel room wearing a sexy lace leotard that i undo at the crotch to reveal my pussy, you can look through the flap of the leotard as i let out a huge hissing piss! lots of close ups of me wiping my pussy, then a sexy upskirt tease showing my pink panties up my skirt, teasing you and eventually pulling them down and filming a back view of me pissing, my big round arse close up to the camera and you my little pussy peeing underneath! then some more service station peeing on my way home, you can hear everyone chatting in the surrounding cubicles as i sit legs closed peeing, the sound of my pee is so loud in the echoing public toilet! so here are the peeing highlights of my trip to leicester, enjoy! xx